What are the countries economic first ten


On the sidelines of summit meetings in the twenty-South Korea, which involved the largest 20 countries in economic terms, you should check these countries, but first we need to know what are the top ten countries in economic terms.

Stature of the first ten countries both from the United States, China, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Brazil, Canada and Russia.

But a simple consideration to their economies, we find that the size of the Japanese economy, the third world economy after the United States and China, more than the size of the economies of Russia, Canada and Britain combined.

As China's economic, it is equivalent to the economies of Russia, Canada and France combined.

That the most prominent and most important is that the size of the U.S. economy to outperform the economies of both China and Japan and Germany combined, according to estimates since the beginning of the year 2010, and estimates of the International Monetary Fund issued in October of this year.

In terms of figures, the size of the U.S. economy comes first in the world, as the U.S. GDP for 2010 of 14.6 trillion dollars, with an estimated growth rate of the B 2.64 per cent, so the GDP per capita of up to 47,132 dollars.

As for China, where GDP up to $ 5.7 trillion, and growth rate of 10.46 per cent, with a GDP per capita of $ 4283.

The volume of gross domestic product in Japan, which until recently had been second-largest economy in the world after the United States, about 5.4 trillion dollars, a growth rate of 2.82 per cent Facebook, while the outline of the national gross domestic product of Japan U.S. $ 42 325.

In Germany, the total GDP of $ 3.3 trillion, a growth rate of up to 3.33 per cent, bringing the total gross domestic product per capita of up to 40,512 dollars.

Next comes France, with a total GDP of 2.6 trillion dollars, and then Britain, with 2.3 trillion dollars, and Brazil to Italy was 2.0, followed by Canada at 1.6 trillion dollars, and Russia is in tenth place with $ 1.5 trillion.

Other countries involved in world economic summit, are India (1.4 trillion) and Australia (1.2), South Korea and Mexico (trillion) Indonesia 0.7 trillion dollars, and Turkey, with 0.7 trillion, and South Africa, Argentina and Saudi Arabia, and that with a GDP of an estimated 0.4 trillion dollars....

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