THE Gold makes his way to the top again amid weak oil

Gold makes his way to the top again amid weak oil Thursday, November 25, 2010, last update 13:29 (GMT +0400)
Gold .. Safe haven for investors

New York, United States of America (CNN) - shaving, gold and oil together high in recent months, however, it differed in the period preceding the celebrations of "Thanksgiving holiday" in the United States, where Hafez yellow metal precious to levels high and seems to be ready to fly in prospects new.
Following a brief period of rebound, prices resumed their rise with gold as investors to safe haven in the midst of the debt crisis of the euro countries, and the possibility of the outbreak of military confrontation on the Korean peninsula.
In contrast, varied prices other items, Oil, which exceeded the threshold of $ 88 a barrel earlier this month, at the highest levels of him during the past two years, and continued to fly at more than $ 80 this week, the first time that diverge in gold and oil prices, Since late last August.
And began to T. decline in commodity prices since the announcement of the Federal Reserve Board (Fed) its intention to launch a program to buy assets, which committed to purchase treasury bonds by 75 billion dollars a month until the month of June 2011, and dedicated to the $ 600 billion, in a move that will put pressure on the the U.S. dollar.
Earlier this month, the dollar's decline in euro made significant progress at the expense of the greenback.
Said Phil Gielen economic analyst in the company "PFG Best" The worries of debt of the euro area as well as to reduce the (Fed) and significantly from expectations about the U.S. economy for this year and in 2011, along with the crisis on the Korean peninsula, are all factors that contributed to the Altbat. "
And add, saying: "It seems that the world has gone mad, there are new dangers on all staff and these risks conspired to reduce the price of oil."
And Tuesday, the U.S. central bank lowered and, more significantly, from expectations about the U.S. economy for this year and in 2011, predicted that economic recovery will take many years to get back to normal.
According to the observations that have been obtained from the meeting held on the third of November this month and published on Tuesday, more than half of the policy makers in the Central Bank believe that the recovery of the U.S. economy may take five or six years to recover its position with regard to unemployment and growth and inflation....