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Google Services
Go services offered by Google

To search for maps and locations "Geography"http://maps.google.com

Of course Marowoov (the famous satellite program)http://earth.google.com

All News political, economic and global (cnn google)http://news.google.com

That participated in the groups to discuss different topicshttp://groups.google.com

To search for topics Almtalqp informed consent and other bio-sciencehttp://scholar.google.com

Download and watch movies and video clipshttp://video.google.com

Google Toolbar ... Downloadhttp://toolbar.google.com/index_xp.html
But I advise you not downloaded to the spread that he was spying program to Google

To search for imageshttp://images.google.com

Program Google Desktop (shortened the distance)http://desktop.google.com

Dictionary Google search in the "Dictionaries"http://directory.google.com

To search for books and university researchhttp://books.google.com

Are you a fan of the experiment and discovery ... Permission to visit the Google Labs for Science Generalhttp://labs.google.com

E-mail from Googlehttp://gmail.google.com

To get to know closer to Google (the company's promotional site)http://googleblog.blogspot.com

Find buyers searching for what he was for salehttps: / / adwords.google.com / select

Look for the Blog ... In any subject you wanthttp://blogsearch.google.com

Ask ... Google vinegar answer ... To the question on any topic and reply Leszek The issue of specialisthttp://answers.google.com/answers

For the latest threads from google Google Codehttp://code.google.com/

Database Google ... Woe to have something you add in the google search engine .. Enter Honeyhttp://base.google.com

An impressive array of other programs googlehttp://pack.google.com

Google ****************** Accelerator to speed up internet connection and break the proxy (in the UAE Mhoudor)http:// ****************** accelerator.google.com

To get (data) or (charts) on a particular topic ... Statisticshttp://finance.google.com/finance

Do you go one day to the moon ... Come with us on a trip (real) satelliteOn the surface of the moon (Google NASA)http://moon.google.com

It Frocal ... Research documents and reports World (Try it out and Matkhosr)http://froogle.google.com

Here is the placehttp://www.googlestore.com

Google programming dates and time (adopted it) ... To organize your time and appointmentshttp://www.google **********. com

Great google (Google Guide)http://www.googleguide.com

Interpretation of the new Google 2006 .. Google (Translate)http://www.google.co.uk/ ****************_ tools? hl = en

Best of google Earth ..http://www.gearthblog.com

Google and public relations ... Investor Relationshttp://investor.google.com

Google "research" ... Comprehensive site in the search for specialized researchhttp://googleresearch.blogspot.com

Google to identify the places ... Select your location on the worldhttp://sitemaps.blogspot.com

Meet business and enter the world of commerce and the economy ...http://googleentere.blogspot.com

On Google
Two doctoral students at Stanford University, founded Google in 1998. And aims to provide the bestSearch service on the Internet making the world of information available on the network accessible to the researcher. The wordGoogle it means the number of millions of billions, and reflects the use of the word the company's insistence on the organization of quantitativeMass of information available on the network in the world.
Google is the largest search engine in the world's undisputed number of pages that Google looking over the8 billion pages (the number of pages indexed others exceeded four billion until the end of 2004), and provides the results ofSearch for users from all over the world, often in less than half a second. Today, Google meets more than 100Million searches per day in the various languages of the world, making it a favorite of the majority of researchers.
Google's goal is to provide the best search service on the Internet making the world of information available on the WebAccessible to the researcher and usefulness. Since its inception in early 1999, the actual offers Google, developer of the largest search engineIn the world, the fastest and easiest way to find information on the web. Thereby acting has more than 1900 employeesAnd number of pages that Google looking where more than 4 billion pages. Today, more than meets Google100 million searches per day.
Characterized by Google for search engines, known today as the first generation technology instead of creative use of the wordKey or search technology Breacher d ************************ search, based on Google Page Rank PageRank TechnologySolutions to ensure that the most important results first on a permanent basis.
The Page Rank PageRank measure importance of web pages, which is calculated by solving an equationThan 500 million variables and more than two billion words. PageRank relies on the relational structure which is characterized byThe web and used as a tool to organize its work, meaning that explains the link from Page A to Page B onThat (a vote) has done a page for page with interest. Google assesses a page's importance the number of votesReceived. It also analyzes the page that are voting.
But Google does not look only to the amount of votes (ie, the links directed to a specific page),But also analyzes the page that you are voting. If the pages that vote (important), giving itVote more weight, and makes the other pages that have a vote (task) is also.
Get high-quality sites of interest to classify the highest PageRank, which Google remembersEach time the search. Of course, important pages mean anything to you that they do not match your search.Therefore combines PageRank, and complex text matching techniques to find pages matching your search are important andAlike. Google does not stop when the number of times certain words appear on the page, but examines theAll aspects of the contents of the page (the contents of the pages associated with them) to know whether the match looking for.
The method of Google as the complex and the mechanism may make human tampering with our results impossible.However, we show ads on results and proximity, Google does not sell the best places in the results pages(For example, there is no one could buy a classification higher PageRank). Examining a Google is an easy wayAnd fair and objective to find high-quality sites with information that corresponds to what you're looking for.
Google that is designed to impose order on information chaos.This should be the search service, not just limited evidence or a list of the results introducedAt public auction and sold to those who pay the largest amount, but an effective way to regulate the Internet according toIts own and this is the secret of its success.
The search process is in its simplest form by entering the formula in the search rectangle SearchThen click on the Google search box, or enter the key entry box (a stroke of luck), it is IhbmaUse because it takes you immediately to the first site and will not be able to see the rest of the results.
Can use the advanced search without going to advanced search using the terms, butGiven directly into the main search box, and all you need is to write the term and points beyond, and thenType of research to be as follows:
Intitle:Search for a word within the page title that appears at the top of the browser window
site:Restricts the search within a specific location
allintitle:The same before, but to search for several words in the title of the page instead of Kelmpuahdp
Inurl:Search for a word within the URL must be in EnglishExample saudi: allinurl will bring all the pages containing the word saudi within the page's URL address
allinurl:Is different from the past that looking for several words in the URL instead of a single word
cache:When you connect to the site find a particular site can be found on certain pages of the siteContaining the word you want an example of cache: www.cnn.com food where food is the word
link:Search for sites that contain a particular link to the desired location for example link: www.bab.comWill recite a list of sites that point to bab.com Note: You can not be collected: link ordinary word search
related:Lists a list of sites similar to the desired site.
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