Success Stories Google "Google" the largest empire the default


Google "Google" the largest virtual empire.
Here we are not going to display detailed for each small and large for Google, but only we will review the experience in general to explain the experience is one of the most successful experiences of e-commerce that were not already the most successful. Google was founded jointly by Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University students. The company took the shape of the first official on September 4 (September) 1998. Google has a whole on the basis of the idea of innovation and inter-Larry Page and Sergey Brin during their studies at Stanford University in California. The idea in general, owner and without explanation based on the technical implementation of the equations and algorithms to analyze the relationships and content web sites to sort your search results the best form suitable to the needs of the user. But, very quickly turned Google from just an idea and a project to graduate to a huge commercial enterprise a major influence on the global economy.Primary source of income for Google is through the dissemination of relevant ads in search results by search engine in addition to other services such as e-mail and electronic maps, stationery and social networking and video sharing in addition to the sale of some of the techniques that do not contain ads.This Almassadrbent to Google empire with an astronomical figure.Total assets: U.S. $ 31.768 billion.And income: U.S. $ 21.796 billion.And operating profit: 6.632 billion U.S. dollars.And net profit: 4.227 billion U.S. dollars.And an army of: 20 164 employees.

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