Most beautiful female in the world for 2011 Susan Boyle beautiful human voice in the world


Susan Boyle's voice stunned the world after the mockery of the public formScottish village attracts 12 million to YouTube after the amateur singing programBoyle made a clip of the most difficult types of songsLONDON (AFP) -, Dubai - Arabic. NetWithin a few days, turned into a Scottish village in the seventh age of forty to a big star in the space of the Internet, after it attracted 11.7 million visitors saw the amazing sing in a British television program.It was not "symptoms of stardom," appear on the Susan Boyle stepped on stage while to participate in the discovery of musical talent in Britain Britain's got talent, as received by the audience laughing mockery of the Scottish Blkintha crude, and appearance of distant cry from the elegance and beauty. The wore a dress is the design the design is of Aldantal ivory, which is full of tall, look like an elderly, wraps her waist belt, satin gold, her hair is combed Agsoh gray hair, makeup did not know a way to landmarks and face, with eyebrows Ktevin, the form is not related to the talent and singing .Even members of the jury of the three could not hide Tavvhm to the idea of ​​wasting time with the candidate "is not promising at all", which identified herself as unemployed, and has not accepted a single in her life. When asked by members of the arbitration as to why their participation in the competition, and stand on the stage of Glasgow, replied that they dreamed of becoming a singer. Was the reaction of Simon Cole, author of the idea of ​​the program and the program "X Factor" and "American Idol" very negative; as Baltavv began to think that it will disrupt the work of the Commission and the lost time and time and attendance. It was his custom, a scathing, asked her: "On what planet?", Meaning on any planet you are going to be a singer. According to the newspaper "Middle East" Friday 17/04/2009.It was not the reaction of the audience better, Who Vhzo form of Boyle, and the way she was standing on the stage and untutored in the reply to the questions, but did not care about any backlash offset. When asked by a member of the judging panel Piers Morgan on the top like in the art world and who like her voice and the type of her art, her response was, "Elaine Paige", which doubled the fun of the audience and laughing.Did not become the scene only when Boyle began singing the first sections of the song "any Dereymt a Dream", taken from the theater musical "Les Miserables Les Miserables", which are among the most difficult types of songs. After moments of breathtaking singing, the theater was silent, and seemed to wonder and amazement and clear on the faces of members of the jury and the audience who have fallen into the trap of form, style and grooming, and stop the appreciation of all the angelic voice.Even the same as the first, and when the song ended section applauded constantly in recognition of the talent Boyle. Morgan commented by saying "It is without doubt the biggest surprise encountered during the three years of this program," he acknowledged that "Everyone scoffed at" the Scottish singer before they begin to sing. "No one's laughing now, it was so amazing."Since the aired episode of the program on Saturday evening, did not stop the media from mentioning the name of Boyle, that Simon Cowell has predicted that the star become .....

The most primitive tribe of the planet :The Toulambi (Original of 2322esther by Miri)

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  1. In 2011, was discovered a very important
    Space scientists revealed the presence of a planet like the Earth five times the size of the diamond floating in space, and the discovery of this priceless is very precious
    And the discovery of the other
    Has been the discovery of Susan Boyle in the world the beauty of her voice and angelic voice impressed the world
    Sound is an invaluable
    two of the most remarkable year in 2011