" North Korean"

The Ministry of Defence in South Korea on Tuesday that two of the Marines "Marines" were killed and 15 others wounded, five of them seriously, as a result of artillery fire launched by North Korea.
The officials would not confirm in the South Korean Defense Ministry and casualties among civilians, and did not confirm that the number of missiles launched by North Korea amounted to 200 shells.
South Korea announced Tuesday that it responded to the artillery bombardment was carried out by North Korea towards its territorial waters near the island in the western sea border.
According to initial reports the injury of four South Korean soldiers at least wounded.
The news agency quoted South Korea, "Yonhap," spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff in South Korea, Lee Bong-woo, that "has been to make sure that North Korea fired dozens of artillery shells towards the water, South Korea and the island near the border in the West Sea."
The agency said the North Korean artillery shells landed in the waters off the South Korean island of Ionbiong, adding that some of them landed on the island directly.
The agency said the shelling began at 2:43 Tuesday afternoon, according to local time, noting that South Korean troops returned fire with artillery.

The military units from North Korea and South Korea have exchanged fire near the border between them in the twenty-ninth of October last, according to confirmed, "Yonhap News."
The agency quoted an official of the Joint Chiefs of Staff "There was an exchange of fire after the troops fired two shots towards the northern and southern border guard unit near the center of Hoaxion border."
She said, "Yonhap," The South Korean troops returned fire, in the demilitarized zone between the two countries and that a width of 1.3 km.
The incident occurred near the town of Choraun strategy that has been the scene of heavy fighting during the Korean War which lasted from 1950 to 1953 of the last century.

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