Hope the new stem cells therapy the millions of patients in the world


he world is now at the gates of a revolution will change completely the history of medicine, who are accustomed to human rights since thousands of years! It's a miracle stem cells. To clarify the matter in a simplified, the stem cell is a progenitor cells that make up the human embryo and have the ability to transform into any type of other cells to turn some of them and some nerves to the liver and the other to the heart, and so forth! And which distinguishes it has the ability to specialize into any type of tissue function and performance of the new tissue to the fullest and its parts as part of the original, but after the birth of the human cells become dormant in the body and enter into something resembling hibernation.

Hence came the idea of manufacturing human organs needed by the human stem cells using. Work began on the use of stem cells since for quite some time but the successes and violations of the task is not only appeared in recent years better than it had hoped to even the most optimistic! Although some of the obstacles encountered by research such as the U.S. government's decision earlier to prevent the financing of stem cell research and the impact on America in this area, but did not affect the rest of the countries which saw the stem cells as a bright future in medicine, has noticed Obama's administration to this point was one of the first resolutions to lift the ban on the financing of stem cell research.

That which shall be published from the successes in this area is just a simple thing of real success because of the major powers now trying to split and take their share of the pie next big because the economies of many pharmaceutical companies are threatened because of this technology would obviate the need to many of the medicines for diabetes and heart must control access stem cells gradually to medical markets. It is like a revolution of solutions instead of coal oil at the beginning of the previous century. Some might think that experiences of stem cell laboratory and is still under trial but the fact is that it applied to humans and was very successful, but not everyone knows what is said! That this technology represents a radical solution for most chronic health problems in Saudi Arabia Fabamkanha radical treatment of the most important two diseases threatening the health of the Saudis, namely diabetes and its complications from diverticulitis, strokes and heart disease, which was burdened by health services but with the availability of stem cell therapy will cure most cases of diabetes and heart, making health services devote themselves to other health problems.

The presence of a national center for stem cell research has become an urgent requirement and essential, we live in the era of man's reform and development of the first King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, who took us to the world of developed countries and we must be as much as the aspirations of the leader! The presence of some centers to collect stem cells in some hospitals is a step primitive. It should be the relevant ministries such as the Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Health and Hospitals also developed a hospital, King Faisal Specialist Hospital to cooperate for the establishment of a specialized center for stem cells holds the name of the leader befitting the status of Saudi International and solve most of our health problems.

 Stem cells go inside the patient's body to deal with infected cells
I would advise every mother extracted an insurance policy on the health of her baby and the umbilical cord Investment Treasures
Investment in the banks of stem cells at least as important as investment in blood banks and money

Because they have the most precious thing ... Nhdehm what they wish ... And preserve their most precious possessions ... Preserve them miracle today ... Treat and store them tomorrow ... Cells and store them old ...
Keywords topped the bulletin for the latest tariff Matousel the modern science of a cure for incurable diseases, Vmaho treatment tomorrow? What are the cells age?, And how can we give to our children? ... This is what you will learn about it with the guest of "Cars," the professor / Hassan Abdul-Jabbar, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, which calls for mothers to extract an insurance policy for their children at birth, and looks forward to invest States (banks of stem cells) to achieve the dream of healing for the citizens, and emphasizes that the secrets of the future treatment lies in the umbilical cord.

At the outset Professor Hassan What is stem cells? "Stem cells" or cells is a stem cell Mnciip up the various organs of the body during fetal development ... Cells are non-synthetic Taatkhalq members and therefore arises from the human body ... Which is found in various organs of the body to revitalize and renew the infected cells.
How they were discovered? Since antiquity in medicine know that there are stem cells, but we were not aware of the possibility of their use, as we know that the composition of cells, the embryo starts each cell is the stem-cell ... With time, we found that these cells are the same in the blood and bone and finally in the placenta, which are easy to get started here and deepen research in this area.
So the umbilical cord is not the only source of stem cells? No, but there are three sources of stem cells: 1) Stem cells taken from (human embryos) Any of the fetus, aged between 5 days to two weeks and the fetus at this stage be very rich in stem cells that are any part of the human cells ... But the process is very expensive and is considered unethical in some countries, it has encouraged some women to have abortions for the sale of embryos, so we moved away from this method do not use it. 2) stem cells taken from adults, and the source of the human body of which is taken from the bone marrow of any of the same bone, such as pubic bone, chest, and this problem it is painful and requires general anesthesia and takes a long time, in addition to the amount of stem cells taken from them a few very ... Also can be obtained from the blood and in this case should be taken large amounts of blood and then filtered in the end we get only a very small amount of stem cells. 3) The third source and the last and most importantly, stem cells taken from umbilical cord ... These cells are either guided or unguided, and stem cell here should be directed inside the body, once the stem cell give the body is found go to where the infected and turn into cells to be treated.
Is it possible to illustrate this process with examples? Yes, for example, a patient heart is not necessarily a cell to give him a heart attack, but the human body to give the patient a normal stem cell is searching for a patient to go and then start to become a heart cell.
Stem cells can then be transformed into different types of cells? True, this is what makes modern science is seen as a stem cell (medical magic).
I mentioned in an earlier answer that the most important source of stem cells is (umbilical cord), why? Etc. What distinguishes stem cells from umbilical cord from the others? Experiments proved that the umbilical cord or (placenta), which we considered in the past from the trash is in fact a wealth healthy for being rich in stem cells, thus limiting the need to use human embryos for this purpose, and is distinct from many other advantages, including: 1) it is only available during the birth or get it once in a lifetime. 2) the cost of obtaining them is relatively low, making it accessible to everyone. 3) the process of obtaining and storing it does not require any surgical intervention and does not require general anesthesia and do not cause any pain to the fetus or the mother, and a specialist doctor can do easily. 4) The best source of stem cells in terms of quantity, quality and efficiency. 5) These cells are perfectly matched to the cells of the baby's impossible to reject it in the future by your immune system, and thus can be used safely for the child who took it, and here may serve as a (insurance policy) abstraction on the lives of her mother ... It is used after saved only once, both to those who took him or a family member. 6) proportion ranging between 25% and 40% for the possibility of compatibility with the rest of the family provided that the HLA match for the stem cell with individual cells transferred to it ... If it is proven the existence of this match we avoid the body's rejection of the cell. 7) can be stored for long periods of time ranging according to the experiments conducted so far between 15-20 years, all research also suggests the possibility of storage for life. The placenta, which we consider it from the trash proved to be a healthy wealth
Stem cell match for a baby and impossible to reject the future by his immune system
Rates of conformity with the rest of the family high

Can you take your readers that the "Arab" in the familiarization trip on the steps to obtain stem cells, Mataattalbh this process of procedures and tests? At the outset must request that the mother and be fully aware of the mechanism of obtaining stem cells and save ... Then subject to full disclosure by blood tests to verify the absence of infectious diseases, especially of them (such as hepatitis, AIDS, etc.) ... Are subject to these tests to ensure the cleanliness of the sample and free of disease ... In addition, it is necessary to know the history of pregnancy and if the patchwork of a pregnant woman suffers from diabetes, pressure and other .... From here we move to the assembly process, after the completion of a natural birth and cut the umbilical cord of the newborn and before we process withdrawn from the mother before the birth of the placenta, "which is still in the womb" We use injection connected to a bag (looks like a bag that is used to donate blood from an artery or vein ) and we enter into the umbilical vein in the umbilical cord himself and withdraw blood from the placenta, the mother without feeling any pain ... Then conserved at low temperature, and the air temperature is a natural fit, without the need to have refrigerators, provided that does not exceed a period of conservation before being transported to the lab for 72 hours until Atvsd sample.
Sir, let's move you to the lab, the sample is subject to other tests out there? Yes, in the lab of stem cells are separated from the other components and this process takes about 4 hours ... After separation are counted, the number must be between 100 and 200 million cells to be saved, the number was less than that is not the conservation and this would happen only if broke the umbilical cord during birth, the patient has lost some amount of blood stem cells become less ... And is finally re-verify the integrity of the sample and checked to make sure they are free from infectious diseases in the case of the existence of any infectious disease is not saved.
Although the mother may have undergone tests before? Yes, to ensure the absence of stem-cell disease should be examined from the mother at first, then examine the sample after in vitro.
In the event exceeded those stages successfully How is the process of saving? The laboratory write a report on the sample and gives it a special code is recorded electronically in the computer for each sample a secret code of its own and can not decode the cell later only through this code that is granted to the mother or father, and then kept the cells in the refrigerator temperature (-200).
Well, let us assume that the sample has been subjected to health problems after years how can it benefit me? Suppose that after 40 years for example, I need this person or a member of his family for treatment are then request to send the sample to the headquarters of treatment anywhere in the world, subject to the test to know the number of stem cells and should not have been subjected to any change from the number that was spotted before saving it that throughout the period of conservation remain frozen, but repeating the process of being counted to verify that the stem cells saved enough to treat the illness suffered by the patient.
Prospects for turning stem cells into cancerous slim, and experiments are carried outside the human body
What if I do not number enough? Scientists at the research centers currently carry out experiments capable of increasing the number of cells stored in the future.
Allow me to Astoagafk at this point that I was during the search before you make this meeting come to some information that indicates that the development of stem cells to make many times more likely to turn cancerous, how much of this shift? First I want to explain very important points that we in the laboratory, we therefore: 1) identify the factors that convert stem cells into neurons or blood cell or bone cell ... Etc., and conversion is outside the human body where they are either adding specific enzymes or change the other ... And research and experiments to exist in this framework a lot. 2) The real problem lies in trying to increase the number of stem cells if were not sufficient to treat ... For example, if we had 100 million stem-cell therapy requires 500 million cell Here we have a solution of the two, either to use five samples are similar and give it to the patient, or to take a hundred million cell and we are working on the development of up to 500 million cells and this process involving chemicals, many Consequently, if we turned this way the answer to your question may be yes may be transformed stem cell to a cancer cell, but check this possibility if it occurs in the lab outside of the body ... I would like to point out that this method did not conduct a test results on humans, tests done in the lab and then on the animal, but within the human body to date has not been proven that there are cases given a stem cell and then turned into a cancer cell, even cells that were taken from the body and given to the last proved to be successful and effective.
So let's get back to the storage mechanism of these cells, and whether the content or storage potential exists for exposure to damage the sample? Is stored in (Banks cells), which has begun to spread in most countries of the world, and here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia we have the status of "Future of Medicine" Future Med Jeddah ... The storage itself is considered a guaranteed and proven to be successful without problems because of high safety factors, especially as electricity and water available even in case of interruption, and there are precautions in the case of an explosion - God forbid - there is equipment to ensure cells are not subjected to any harm ... Expertise of the scientists in this area extends to 20 years old, and there are samples have been saved and used and the result was positive, so as I said, it is anticipated that saved a life as long as the reserved (-200) degree ... It must be pointed out that most banks stem cell unchanged if the banks money includes papers, documents, account numbers and can not any person to enter or use them without the tight security measures, and also that the balance can get money from the bank is able to obtain stem cells from stem cell bank and so-called (stem cell bank) and not (store stem cells).
I mentioned in answer to earlier, these cells if the withdrawal at birth is impossible to reject the future by the immune system to this man, is the question of congruence and compatibility will make only a few patients lucky the availability of stem cells suitable for them to grow unless they have undergone the process at birth? At present this is true, but when the spread of public banks in all countries and become like blood banks I think it will be easy to find each patient's stem cells correspond to the cells.
Do I understand from your answer that there are two types of cell banks?
Yes, there are private banks and banks in general ... Keeping the cells in the private banks is estimated at U.S. $ 5000 for a period of almost twenty years because the technology used in the conservation charge, dismissing the promise of stem cells and then saved depends on the carbon dioxide must be provided 24 hours of this gas for a period of twenty years, for example ... Therefore, it is hard to be accessible to all of this cost, prompting the governments of some European countries, as well as America to create a (public banks) to save the stem cells, like any blood bank where it can be for the mother, according to its desire to contribute Bhablha secret at birth, and later if I need any person to stem cell therapy can be directed to a search of public banks on the cell that correspond with him to buy ... It should be noted that in Dubai is also available for public banks and private citizens for residents and citizens who prefer to save the stem cells in a private bank ... Here in Saudi Arabia, specifically in the city of Jeddah Fsharkp (Medicine future) that is collected and saved by the cells is an entirely private sector, and the patient take care costs of keeping designated by the reservation in his name and remain subject to sale or disposition, except with authorization from him personally ... But to my knowledge the Ministry of Health is now in serious study of the establishment of a public bank of stem cells in order to attain greater benefit to patients ... Any patient can use for stem cell if it has kept him at birth in addition to the possibility of buying from the Bank-General in case of need for a greater number of cells. I would advise the States to invest in public stem cell banks, the private sector and the establishment of private banks for the future

But all hospitals are intended to provide treatment through stem cells? Today, there are specialized centers in the United States, Britain, Canada and Western Europe and East Asia, in Korea, for example, succeeded the first case of treatment through stem cells for the girl remained crippled for six years because of exposure to the accident were treated by stem cells.
What about the hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? So far there are no specialized centers for treatment, but there is an attempt by the Ministry of Health and Research Center in collaboration with King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Riyadh Medical Complex and the University of King Abdul Aziz for the establishment of the center of cells in general ... But the company (Future Medicine) are available to have a list of the names and addresses of all the centers specialized in the treatment process and ensures coordination with the Centre for any patient wishes to receive the treatment.
Stem cells within the human body to pass the life to the dead cells and dealing with incurable diseases
What are the diseases that can be treated with stem cells? Since stem cells are the source of cells organs blood and immune systems, so it is now used to treat blood diseases and remind them (eg sickle cell anemia and Mediterranean anemia, hemophilia and tumors of the lymph nodes and tumors of blood), as well as in diseases of the immune system ... Also used in the treatment of diseases of the nerves and brain paralysis, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's ... There are diseases if science to be treated in the future will be a cry in the world of medicine, such as diabetes and heart disease, pressure, and diseases of the brain ... For example, if the patient is under the process of cardiac catheterization and found that there is a clot in the heart led to death in the cells, the doctor can come and give stem cells to the patient during catheter easily ... Have already been treating many cases of dead cells formed by cells through alternative stem cell transplantation.
But is stem cell therapy and radical solution content or temporary? At the present time we can not answer this question, but we can say that the result of cultivation of spinal cord vary to a large extent on the results achieved for the people who underwent transplantation of stem cells which reported a recent major success and the owners are exercising their lives in a very natural, without side effects .. . When successful, the treatment process stem cell, it serves as return the patient to zero, ie there will be no possibility for the return of the disease again after robbing all the diseased cells and stem cell transplantation new instead lead to the formation of new members, so it is the best type of treatment because it gives normal cells and have more effective than drugs.
Frankly, it is classified Matousel of science in this area of scientific facts or is it still too early to judge them? Certainly Osnfea scientific facts of stem cell treatment can have tangible results on the ground, and I hope to discover the facts more and more important in the future, God willing.
Is the dream of converting the stem cells in the future to capsules for the treatment of all diseases?
At the end of our interview Professor Hassan Abdul-Jabbar What is your advice to readers of "Cars"? My advice to readers of "Cars" to try to search engines Internet (Stem Cells), where we'll give them 24 million as a result of research and information available on the Internet for this revolution medical stem cell therapy, this topic became a running millions of people around the world and theses around diverge to deal fissure treatment banks and research and conservation of the cells ... Science has gone beyond the theoretical stage and go to the stages of the process ... I would also like to point out that in the modern era there are discoveries of medical many of them Maystmr including fades gradually fails, and the stem cell therapy is evolving rapidly and checks behind him greatly benefit expecting to double in the future, but I hope after 10 years to be sold stem cells in pharmacies Like drugs, it suffers from nerve damage, for example, that they can get a capsule of stem cells for nerves and so on.
Is this really possible? As long as we have the opportunity to take advantage of them, what harm? ... It is important to accommodate the doctors by the public the importance of these cells and careful to follow scientific developments in this area, with a focus on the importance of providing our hospitals with the necessary tools and training of medical and nursing staff to keep abreast of these developments for treatment.

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