Do you win the challenge C919 with Airbus and Boeing?Wednesday, November 17, 2010, last update 16:49 (GMT 0400)Model before the new aircraft

Beijing, China - China has entered a world competition in the industry, commercial passenger aircraft, with the introduction of an "AC 919," which observers expect that a real competition for the giants production aircraft, "Boeing," America and "Airbus," the European.
The plane "C-919," created by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, "Commack," the state-owned, is characterized by single-aisle and descriptive seats, designed to compete with the Airbus A 320, Boeing 737, was unveiled officially in the gallery Zhuhai, south China, on 16 November, the first ongoing.
Have begun to purchase orders already up to a company, "Commack", with 100 applications from four local Chinese airlines, as well as the company "General Electric," Aviation Services of America.
It was not clear after the details of the cost of the aircraft or the number requested by the purchasing companies, although the media reports the official says the estimated market price of a C-919 is less by about 20 per cent of the foreign competitors.
The company expects to sell more than two thousand C-919 aircraft worldwide over the next 20 years.
The length of the new plane 17 meters, and contains 156 seats, and a height of 5.6 meters, width of 3.96 meters, and carries the body of the plane bears the name "Commack," but the internal systems produced by Western companies.
Symbolizes the first No. 9 to the word "forever," based on a section similar pronunciation in Chinese language, while 19 stands for the name of the plane to the maximum number of passengers is 190 passengers.

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